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Revitalising the Hauraki Gulf is a collective responsibility.

Marine Protected Areas are a tool to enhance and restore marine habitats and ecosystems to ensure New Zealand's marine environment remains healthy in the future.

The Government is proposing a series of new marine protected areas that will extend to 18% of the Hauraki Gulf - but astonishingly, the proposal does not include a single new "no-take" area, which are the most effective type of protection area.

The Government has instead proposed 14 "High Protection Areas" that will still allow customary take rights which are exclusive to iwi and will be at their discretion alone.

Only with collective effort can we leave the Gulf in a better state for future generations. Take action today by sending feedback to the Government demanding a collective approach to the protection of the Hauraki Gulf.

Submissions close at 5pm, 28th October

Submissions are now closed - thanks to everyone who sent an email.

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